i need a blog .

hi . 

i know i havent write for a reaaallllly looong time . so its my vacation . its friday . i have survived the end of the world and christmas with my parents . but i still feel weird . and i have no idea why . its …. weird . so , i have been watching awkward all morning and i am still wacthing it . and i realized something . 

i need a blog .

in estonian language .

so , i might write later some more . but not now . awkward is back from the commercial .

häid jõule! / merry christmas! :)

häid jõule! / merry christmas! :)

#writing … eeem , #writingday - Muse <3 

hellloo . 

i havent write for like soooo long so i decided to do it today . so lets start with themost important .

it was like they came on stage i was like this
then Dom started playing
and then i was like this

i arrived home i think 00:30 orsmth , and I was like THIS

and then i realized i have test tomorrow .
the concert was accually last week , but i didnt have time to write , soo .. . 
and one more thing , Dom is single and he is british . MY DREAM MAN *_*
theres only one thing , he is 35 . -.-
and yes , Dom is my fav , ‘cause he is gorgeussssss . he is da best drummer in da WORLDD ^^

just look at him in hi s action . omfg *_*

so , after the concert i changed my religion . im not a directioner anymore . im a
Fan Of Muse .
yes , they dont have this “name” for their fans . altho , relating to the youtube comments , Muse fans are are the fans of the Real Music . i agree . better than Jb . MUCH BETTER .

soo , good news is martin is not in school . he is back in hospital . THATS  GOOOD.

 the bad news is , i got my first 3 on my certificate . in estonian . i dont want to talk about it . 

soo , i also did quite a prank on my friends yesterday , when me and my “brother” [ i think u remember him ] put ourselves in relationship in facebook . i came up the idea , i accually planned to do it in April , but i couldnt wait . soo, everyone quickly came to ask me - seriously = is this real ? congratulations! and since we had our chirstmas partuy yesterday , then my friend and i walked in from our scgools front door , and immediatly heleri told me congratulations . and she was walking to her wardrobe with anita, robin and eku and they like strated to ask heleri , why did she congrulated mr . and the next moment they were in my wardrobe , asking is this prank or not and congrattulating me . but tomorrow im going to tell them this was only a joke . it never happene OR NEVER WILL HAPPEN . 

so , martsipan had birthday today . our present to us [ we cooked it in our baking class ]

soo , i think thats it for now . or forever . ‘cause tomorrrrooow the world will endd !! dum-dum-duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuummm .
yees , it will end . actually , i dont believe it . but still, i might have to be the last day of my life and i have to spend it in church and school ?!?! c’mooooooooooooooon people !!! I might die tomorrow !! 

so anyway , it was nice to write . even though nobody read it  [ fuck you bithces ]
but still , if i die , i wanna die listening to Muse - Starlight . and i love my family , and classmates and all my friends . and the most important ,  I LOVE MUSE <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 
so im just gonna go and listen to Muse & watsh their pictures and videos . im so fangirling right now .

byeee xx
Muse <3 

im so pro . i want this tattoo .

im so pro . i want this tattoo .

got my ray bans on &#8230;

got my ray bans on …

#writingwednesday - van .

helllloooo . 

soo , week after week , i dont know what to write about . soo im just gonna tell ya todays maths class .

our teacher talked , how they called from glassmaster [ klaasimeister ] and asked her help with maths or mesuring or smth like that . soo , robin told her , well i still dont need this shit , im not goin’ to work in glassmaster . soo , roland , kristen and i started talking about jobs what are we goin to do . kristen will be working on roof , he will be making the roofs [ ta hakkab korstnapühkjaks ja katusepanijaks ] and then rolan told , he will start to work as an van driver . and in the same time he said that , he hold his hands up and move ffourth and backk . [ ette ja taha ] and then kristen did the same move and then kristen and i laughed this move the whole class . like everyone else were answering or talking with teacher , we were laughing . and when we started to answering we stopped laughing  ……. and then we laughed again . and ergo got stomach cramps [ kõhukrambid ] . aaand arno drew elfs [ joonistas päkapikke ] 
and in the PSHE [ inimeseõpetus ] johkat and i were playing genius . roland and tanel have a son called ikevald . and mine and johanna’s son is called peeter . then roland is now rolando . then the power rangers came back .
and on monday on russian class , i saw marko waving on me and i was like   

so on this morning , we had a test in biology . i had my answers on my phone and before the test i was like this

and i have more news . i’m a bad girl now . i’m smoking . yes , u heard , i mean , read right , im a smoker . and honestly i dont regret it .

so last friday , i went to Kose-Uuemõisa to smoke , and after i smoked i was like this 

and i was planning to go to Kose-Uuemõisa on friday too , but then my mom said i cant go , and then i was like this 
  bye mom , im goin to sleep .
i neeeeeeeed to smoookeeeee . thats me in this picture .

soo , that’s it for now . byeeeeee .


#writingwednesday - boooooooored

yyyoooooo .

sooo , i reallly dont have anything speacial to write about this week . lets see then .

i went to skoolparty last weeek .  I SAW VAIDOOOOOO . THATTTS a gooooodgooood news . but i didnt danced with any boy and that was it . only vaido ruled . he is awesome . i liked his boots & glasses  . i got his sign . it almost gone now .
im having another test tomorrow in russian . gonna fail once again .
aaand im having a converation with my parents and my teacher TONGIHT ! luckily its just chatting . i havent done anything wrong , soo , thats good.

were goin to have a disco soon in school . and we had to make up some new old sentence’s . i rememberd , we had done something like this on my last school and we wrote them into our class magazine . i searched the sentences yestersday and i startes looking . aall of our magazines what we made . and the last magazine , where was our first class picture . i almost started crying . when i looked us then and now , the change is big . very big . huge . we didnt think dating or liking someone . we didnt swear . we did fight sometimes , but the end of the day , we were best classmates and its sad we arent that close anymore . i almost started crying . i want those days back . really . i do .

emotions -

today i watched basketball . it wascool . there were mulletboys . they were ugly . our class boys won yesterday . they are playing again today . yesterday was 6a . today is 6b . tomorrow 7b. DEFENITLY GOIN’ TOMORROW . if they win , they will play 8 class boys , dunno a or b . Kuslap is in b . defenitly goin THEN .

aaand yesterday , after geo roland asked robin are we going then . i asked where are you going . roland said to the store . i said bring smth to me too . roland said what do you want . i said i dont know , chocolate maybe . roland asked what chocolate . i said twix . later , next to the music class roland and robin came from the store , roland holding a TWIX ON HIS HANDS ?! I WAS LIKE .. I WAS KIDDING !! he said yeah , whatever . i asked how much it cost . he said : JAJAJJAAAH , POLE HULLU . jaaa siis mina nagu . nomnom , twixxxxxx . muhahhahaha . yeah , that was very sweet .

right now i have like reaaaallly crazy time . im adoring conor maynard . he . is . HAAAWWWWTTTTTT . best british humor ever . must say . i like looooove him . watching his videos allllllll dayyyy . i love him . no more words . thats it .

yeah , i think thats it . right now im eating my store bought burger , which is reaaalllyreally non delicius . i think im gonna throw up. well , bon appetit!
PS . im not doing musicmondays often anymore . i dont have time .

byyyeee . Mxx

i think im gonna tattoo this on my body . best . moto . ever . &lt;3&#160;i love him . that&#8217;s all i can say &lt;3

i think im gonna tattoo this on my body .

best . moto . ever . <3 

i love him . that’s all i can say <3

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#writingwednesday - freakin’ happpyyyyyyy

hellllllooo .

soo , its time to write again . soo . i have good news and bad news . i’ll start together , it said yes , will they marry one day , it said yes . wewith the good news . the good news is …


the bad news is , eku is back in school .

sooo , its been quite boring week . but today , i checked kärdus phone  and i found this game . aa funnnnnn game [ if u know what i mean krissu :D ] . its like you put ur finger on the screan , then you think of a fact or a question and then it will say , is it true or false . soo , we were on the maths class , so our parallel class was there too . soo , i started to play it . soo i questioned the first time , do i love eku , it said yes , i questioned the second time do i love eku , it said yes , and then i tried the third time [ eesti keeles mõtsin , et no kurat kolm on kohtuseadus ] and it said its false . but 2/3 , I DONT LOVE HIM !! he is too .. small … and not handsome .. or anything . soo , [ krissu ära vihasta ] the last few days we have put krissu & kirka together and soo ranno told me , i should ask , if krissu is getting blowjob [ tead küll . mida ma mõtlen ] and it said yes . so , we also asked , does linda loves märfu , it said yes , does märfu loves linda , it said yes , do they belong  will be hearin wedding bells sooner or later . and we also asked a lot of stupid questions , which i dont remember .

soo , im listening Skrillex & Damian “Jr Gong” Marley’s “Make It Bun Dem” like 1000 ´time . i love Skrillex . i think hes cute . i love dubstep . its awesome . anddd i just found a new Srillex song . and im loving it already . there is santa claus in this video . lovely . anddd , One Direction’s new album came outtt !!!! lololololololoololo , I WANT ITTT !!! hopefully it makes it to Narnia too .

anddd there is another great , terrific , brilliant , AMAAAZINGGG news . god , there are quite a lot of good news . MARTIN  ISN COMING TO SCHOOL ABOUT 2 WEEEKS !!!! FYEAH , PARTY HARDDD !!!

my expression when eku came to school :

One Direction’s “Take Me Home” better come to Narnia or the evil monkey will kill you

me getting my Muse concert tickets -

and this is just hilarious -

lol . so write you next week . byeeeee . M. xx


this weeks song is an old song . E-Type - “Feel like a flying demon”

listen it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3nq4uupvBk

didnt get a picture from google . gotta go now . must study . -.-

#writingwednesday - my brother .

yoyoyoooo .

soo , school startes again this week , what an horrible horrible mistake , and i already had a test yesterdayy !! it was in maths , i got a 3 . (Y)

soo , nothing interesting hasn’t happened , i think . yesterday we played basketball in PE . i threw 2 shots . good for me , ‘cause i usually suck at basketball . but the teacher said , i was great . i was happy for that .

soo , let me talk to you about my brother . accualy , it has to be “brother” . i reallly dont have a brother , me and one boy , named Kuslap [, [ his real name is Margus , but when i once asked him what’s his nickname he told Kuslap ] we put ourselves as brother and sister in facebook , and everytime we start to talk IN INETRNET , we say hi bro or hi sis , or when we say good by . soo , it all begin in summer . i comment a picture [my sisters picture in some page ] “my sister” and he commented “FOOTBALL” . soo , i opened the message box and asked him , does he have a problem . soo , it was in august when we started talking [ IN INTERNET ] and i talked him in the middle of the night . we talked when it was 4 am in the morning !! but i had soooo muchh funn ! and i still too . soo , i didn’t know at the beginning , that he goes to my school , and when i started seeing him at school i didn’t have the curriage to say him ‘hi’ . but then we started talking [ in the cafeteria … ] and now we also talk in school . he is seriously veryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryveryvery… AWESOMEEE !! best brother i could ever want . and we also have tons of good ideas . soo , we both like to drink coffee , but he eats coffee beans in the middle of the night !! like , omgg . but u know , still my bro . our latest idea , what we had , was that we are going to Brazil in 2014 , ‘cause then its football championchip games . but we didn’t know how to go there , soo we thought , maybee , if we rip potatoes and do coffee for Somalian Pirates , maybee they will take us to Brazil . but we would still need 30 000$ and ofc , we dont have that money . we also thought , maybe we will swim , but neither of us cant swim soo , that option was forgotten . so , i talked you about my brother . HE IS AWESOMWW . LITERALLY! and we talk about footballl alllll the timeee . he loves football , i love football . he loves coffee , i love coffee . WERE CHULIOOOOO . he’s fav football club is Chelsea . he like literallly LOOOVESSS it . i support him . he promesed he will like my fav football club too . soo , anywhooo . WERE BROTHER & SISTER :D

oh , and its snowing . in october . in my country . in my village . around my home . its cold . I MEAN ITS SNOWING IN OCTOBERR ?!?!??! LIKE WTF ?! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHo DOESNT LIKE SNOW IN OCTOBER ?!?!? yeah , its quite cold outside .

ohh , and i finalllly found my favourite football club . it is …. [ drum roll ] ….


i mean THEY ARE MY FAVVVV ! luvv themm . they r the best (Y) i even have a picture of me with Ajax . (Y)

here it is .

soo , that’s it for now . byyyyeeee .

M. xx


i’ve got 2 songs for this week .
first is One Direction’s new song [ what came out today ] “Little Things”

listen it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wBzR7zhA0g&feature=results_video

and the second one is also new , it’s “Something New” . yes , it’s Girls Aloud . i acually wanted to put this song last week but i forgot .

listen it here - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHSFTrcJYmM&feature=relmfu

i meaaaan , these songs are soo different . “Something New” is fast and a dance music and i just soooo fuckinggg love ittt . it’s sooo amazing . video is amazingg . and lyrics - ” we’re the leaders of the pack . boy you better watch you’re back . we’re the leaders of the pack . ” i can almost sing it without lyrics in front of me .

and One Direction’s “Little Things” is soo sweeeet & meaningful . its … beautiful . i love it . i mean , like i love it . it’s slow and in makes me cry . this song is about love and how someone loves his/her partners “little things” . and that’s what’s the song says . anndd , i can sing this by heart soon too .

One Direction - “Little Things”

Girls Aloud - “Something New”